Building a house at playa blanca

by elhombre @, Sunday, February 14, 2021, 15:55 (12 days ago) @ sebastianpeter

I have lived on Playa blanca for the past 17 years and witnessed the change from a tropical jungle with no services except a dirt road to now. My only advice is to be aware of building in Mexico is not the same as in the USA or Canada. There are no code restrictions here and if there are they are for sale. Development on Playa blance is in full bloom now. A new 200 lot development just opened this week along with 3 other developments underway. Sewer lines, water lines, electricity to your property are not included. The lots are small so your water well is next to your neighbors septic tank. Multiply by the 200 lots and you have a real mess. There are 4 new very large condos under construction which also via for water and septic. The water table for wells is surface water from the lagoons east of the beach and dependent on heavy rains from the mountains. Lagoons and Wells are already drying up as early as April and will only get worse. You will be buying water at 400 to 800 pesos a truck. I can go on and on. Just be aware. Spend time, ask a lot of questions. Have a lawyer help to stay legal. Don't give money without due process. Labor is cheep but takes twice as long.
The price to build your dream house is only a nit.
Good luck..

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