Used car?

by midalake @, Sunday, February 14, 2021, 16:05 (21 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Hard to believe, but that is the place.

Yeah, well I'd be very wary of posing as a buyer for a car on Facebook. That's a great way to announce you have some money for stealing or extorting.

:beatwall: Really? Bought our car from there!

Yes, I'm sure you did, totally oblivious to the risk you were taking, as so many non-Spanish people do who don't bother to even follow Mexico's news except in English.

Here are a few of many news articles available on the matter.
¡Cuidado! Así ponen en venta autos para asaltar a compradores en Naucalpan

Compra auto por internet, lo citan ¡y lo asaltan!

Asaltan a pareja que ofertó su auto por internet

Denuncian a falsos vendedores de autos que roban y asesinan a compradores

YA, that's why I went to the guy's house. Test drove it twice before there was a separate date to do the cash sale. There are ways to be smart, rather than throwing out blanket fear.


Yeah, I still don't think you're anything but lucky. Anyone who looks or acts like they have money is a target for extortionists and other criminals. I just don't believe you realize what's going on around you here.

OH I know. Like one of my captain's that took a 9mm round through the hand a few weeks back.
However, you might want to come out of your bunker every once in a while. Not everyone is trying to rip you off! For every bad thing that happens, it is eclipsed by the good!

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