by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, February 19, 2021, 09:11 (8 days ago) @ hromero

While AMLO may have stated those as goals the actions of his administration have been quite different in the nearly two years that have passed since your linked article. His actions, from the Maya train to diverting investment to petroleum, have been quite unfriendly to the environment unfortunately. September 2020 article showing little progress on clean energy initiatives.

I don't believe the article you linked to contradicts anything I posted. There were allegations of corruption regarding certain contracts with private companies providing wind energy, not mentioned in this article but relevant to the subject, and there appears to be special interests favoring the use of coal in Coahuila by a Senador in charge of the Comisión de Energía del Senado. Mining remains a powerful political force in Mexico, as evidenced by Canada's interests here in Guerrero that seem to continually trample the rights of the affected communities.

While the Tren Maya is a policy I haven't supported, I leave its resolution to the people of the region to sort out. Some indigenous communities appear to favor it, and I'm pretty much of the mind to allow indigenous communities leeway on the matter. Apparently it is currently suspended by court order. As to the refinery at Dos Pozas, as controversial as it is, Mexico needs to have this oil refinery instead of counting on the USA and other nations for refinement of petroleum products. I believe that is obvious. I don't believe most people appreciate how much energy our populations need to enjoy their "normal" lives, a situation that must change because it is unsustainable, but that remains the goal of this administration.

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