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A number of years back we had friends who owned a condo there with the plan of using it a couple weeks a year during the high season and then rent it out to offset the cost of holding it until they could retire and move there. They had a property manager who would rent it out, but would not tell them it was rented, thereby pocketing the rent. This ended when we made a surprise visit to the condo during one of our trips and spoke to the tenants who had no idea what the manager was doing. One of the downsides of being an absentee landlord.

Thanks for underscoring one more reason why I do what I do and urge people to avoid using websites like airbnb and vrbo. There is no guarantee when you deal with those websites that you are going to a place that is legit, that pays its local taxes and complies with local laws. Stories like yours are quite common here locally.

You understand his story has nothing to do with airbnb or Vrbo, correct?
Do you also understand that both those two websites and others now report any income to Hacienda .
Probably not!

Vrbo and airbnb also require a Mexican tax#, a RFC.

I stand by my comments, Dave. I live here. Whoever runs those websites doesn't. I actually know and care about my community. Those two websites couldn't care less. Be kind of hard to require a Mexican RFC from someone who lives in the USA and doesn't have one, yet properties owned and advertised by such people abound. I know. I have their e-mails with replies to my question "Do you have an RFC #" "What's that?" They get around it by using "agents" or the catchall RFC #s for non-registered foreigners. Very simple matter to get around. Then there was the matter of the harassment of a reader a while back by one of those scammers. The lodgings and services I list are reliable, trustworthy, and as far as I know did not earn their money through corrupt or dishonest practices. Can't say the same for properties and services I see listed elsewhere, including the two websites in question.

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