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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, February 20, 2021, 20:41 (9 days ago)


As of today, since April 18, 2020 Zihuatanejo has registered a cumulative total of 2,072 confirmed cases of Covid-19 (3 more than yesterday), 164 that have resulted in fatalities, 53 that are currently active, and approximately 1,722 that have recovered. Numbers continue falling, and I expect Guerrero's Semáforo Rojo will change to Naranja next week.

Many of us were gladdened and relieved this morning to finally hear from our friend and local radio talk show host Sergio Vázquez Rosas after a couple of weeks of silence. We knew he had been ill, and even though he tested negative for Covid-19, apparently it's what he's been fighting.

Our local mayor continues misleading the public about what's going to happen to Playa Manzanillo with the construction of a 1200 room hotel and convention center, and the beach itself is never mentioned when the matter is mentioned on local radio talk shows. Truly sad, because it looks like most people still have no idea what's going to happen there. And too many folks fall for the promise of new jobs, ignoring those that will be lost with the addition of yet another All-Included hotel to our community when we already can't fill the lodgings we already have. The dying and decaying shopping centers in Ixtapa really speak to the problem, except this time it will be Zihuatanejo that will lose as the new hotel undercuts prices locally owned lodgings can afford to charge. Never mind the loss of one of our jewel attractions, Playa Manzanillo itself. Please if you can, help spread the word and continue sending messages to the people who can stop this. Gracias.
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A cool morning and a colorful sunrise signal the start of another perfect day.

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