Traffic to/from New Resort

by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Sunday, February 21, 2021, 09:13 (6 days ago) @ FrozenNoMás

Thanks for yet another beautiful photo! They’ve sure helped a lot of us get our daily fix during this winter from hell.

If that resort gets built, what is your opinion of the likely traffic increase on Escénica La Ropa? I know traffic to/from the airport would get there directly via the new road. But wouldn’t hundreds of workers (maids, chefs, waiters, maintenance crews, other staff) and at least some supply trucks (food, water, etc.) likely use Escénica La Ropa? Not to mention guests day tripping to walk around Zihua or Ixtapa before they go back to the resort for their AI meals.

I am envisioning that road getting very busy, and noisy, and wonder if the folks who own condos or homes along it shouldn’t consider getting more involved with the issue before they have a thoroughfare right in their backyard (or front yard).

Maybe my guess is wrong, so wondering what you think. Thank you for keeping the attention on this planned project.

That's a valid point.
I live in a condo in one of the buildings on Escenica La Ropa.
And I live in a bifurcated world.
I live on the downside and protected from the road and traffic almost to the point that I can forget it exists.
HOWEVER when I walk out the front door I am reminded that I live on a (almost) (fume-laden) highway.
You may have given me the spur to get active...can I tie myself to a huge earth mover??

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