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Good freakining luck. Try and find the sources. The small burns in the morning are blown away by 10am. The large burns that we witnessed this afternoon are big burns, farm most likely? But they blow away as well. Results are awesome sunsets. This smoke is mild this far. Go to Indonesia/ Singapore/ Malaysia when the farmers burn. Stage 10 smog alert

I'm pretty sure nothing anywhere else is worse than we've seen it here, except California where entire towns burn. It's a scary feeling to be out in a boat here and get about a mile outside the bay and realize you can't see the coast anymore, or it looks like a war zone where everyone lost. We've had burning seasons so bad that people shut themselves in because they can't breathe outdoors. It gets very hard on the elderly.

Only traditional farmers burning tlacololes are given leeway. Everyone else is expected to clear land without burning it.

It's simple. See smoke? Call the Bomberos. The fire source in the photo I posted was easily identifiable. The Bomberos would have no trouble. It also behooves folks to get the local media involved if they see such things as trash burning at La Ropa go unattended. Either restaurants are burning trash, or a construction project, or local jardineros. I would be surprised if it was any homeowner or condo commando burning trash.

This year thanks to the presence of La Niña fire alerts are already being issued because it is already much drier than normal. Last year's rainy season was rather pitiful, and we're already seeing fires.

April 2017 - this is common during the burning season. We've seen worse.

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