Zihuatanejo and Mérida

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The cities I'm looking at are Zihuatanejo and Mérida.
Is it possible to rent a studio apartment for $200 monthly in either city?


On the Fb pages that correspond to rentals, locals do list.

A price range of US$200.00, or around MXN 4,000, in general, can be found all the time on those Fb pages. Probably though without "agua caliente" and no A/C.

I pay exactly that, + all utilites/Internet, in an excellent location, NOT in a colonia popular.
I benefit from Solar panels, cisterna, agua caliente & a new A/C unit.....
BUT, it is highly contaminated by almost endless noise pollution from different sources.
It wasn't until I moved in that I discovered that issue.

If you end up in a "colonia popular " be aware that if you need peace and quiet in those areas, it's a precious commodity.
There's always some noise. It's when it becomes excessive & constant:worthy: that makes it impossible to have our needed Peace & Quiet.
So, in case you are sensitive to noise it may be difficult, and may end up being torturous, as it is here where I rent.
In fact, I have observed that even in rentals at a higher price range, most likely, one can't avoid the noise pollution.

Suerte :-D

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