Bucket Lists and Maui and Zihua

by B&S @, Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 13:28 (90 days ago) @ Bill Fun

We sailed up to Hawaii from the South Pacific back in 2008 thinking we would spend a season before moving on. But 12+ years later we are still there. Summers anyway when the sailing around the islands is the best. We love Hawaii in spite of the intense tourism in some areas. We base in Oahu but have visited all the main islands several times. We enjoy Several weeks of anchorages around Maui almost every year. One of our favorites is off the town of Lahaina on the lee shore. It is super touristy but a lot of fun once you accept the fact that everyone else is also having a great vacation. We like the many drives around Maui and think the Road to Hana is superb. But it is a long trip so start early. Another great drive is around the NW coast - not as many tourists and a slow, winding, yet beautiful trip. Hope rental cars are available when you arrive - right now they are scarce and, if you can find one, can be over US$500 per day for a compact.
Hawaii, including Maui, can be beautiful any time of the year BUT winter months are often very rainy and cold (by Hawaii standards). We prefer the summer months. That’s why we spend our winter months at our home in Zihua -still our favorite after nearly 50 years of visits including 12 years of residence.

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