Bucket Lists and Maui and Zihua

by qwerty @, Oregon, USA, Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 16:25 (88 days ago) @ Bill Fun

I have been to Hawaii twice and Zihua 5 times. Have stayed on Molokai (friend there), Maui and the Big Island. The snorkeling on Maui was the best I have ever experienced in terms of color and variety of the coral and fish. We went in November both times and the water was a little cooler than Zihua or Jamaica but we were able to snorkel as long as we wanted without getting too cold. But like most people have commented, we found Maui to be crowded, over-commercialized, and expensive (we compare it to Southern California). We enjoyed the Big Island more as it was less commercial and less crowded but the snorkeling wasn't quite as impressive. Someday we will make it to Kauai and perhaps Oahu. It is necessary to rent a car in Hawaii which we don't need to do in either Zihua or Jamaica.

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