Bucket Lists and Maui and Zihua

by Keytime @, Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 22:13 (90 days ago) @ Bill Fun

We have lived on Maui and we have lived in Zihua. Maui has a lot of great things to offer a tourist. Most enjoyable is the mountain and the towns on the side of it. The climate is perfect and most of the people that live on the mountain are great people. The beaches on the other hand are not so great. The locals claim their turf and the tourists get the rest. Very strange place to live. ZIHUA on the other hand is open to be enjoyed by all that visit. The Locals will share with you the beauty and the culture that is theirs. Soon you will feel local. 10 years in Maui and you will still be a HAOLE. Hawaii is like a foreign county, Zihua is like a home.

Enjoy Maui but I would like to suggest going to Kauai instead if you want to get the real Hawaii experience. Oahu, NONO. Hawaii, TO BIG. Maui, Very Segregated. Kauai, just right.....

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