Continúa La PreZIHpitación

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, June 24, 2021, 21:52 (89 days ago)


After a stunningly beautiful tropical day of sunshine and perfect temperatures, the rainclouds moved in just before dusk. The arroyos and rivers are flowing and the hillsides and woodlands are verde tierno. The big drawback to all the rain is all the plastic that will wash up on the beaches afterward. It gets worse every year because we are more people using more disposable plastic crap every year, and we're killing the oceans.

A recent incident where a Troncones resident broke a bone in his foot that was exposed and needed emergency care but was unable to get it during the entire night underscores our poor capabilities for handling even minor medical emergencies adequately. Hospital after hospital and clinic after clinic were unable to attend to the gentleman, and he even had to beg a ride from a friend because no emergency service would come get him. Again, even though I begged the gobernador and mayor not to waste money putting makeup on a cancer patient, they ignored me and the thousands of other citizens and residents who supported my plea. But at least we have a new coconut grove in our zócalo.

Mexican authorities just authorized the use of the Pfizer vaccine on minors as young as 12 years of age. I'm hoping many children will soon get vaccinated before the next school season, whose calendar just came out. Classes begin on August 24.
Calendario Escolar 2021 - 2022


A damn shame what's happened to the zócalo. It's supposed to be an open area with a gazebo. Not a coconut grove blocking the view of the bay from the street. We also lost the lovely mural of Tamakún. Very poorly thought out.

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