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My husband, two teenage sons, and I are going to be visiting for two weeks in July. (FYI We are all fully vaxed and have no problem wearing a mask if it is required in certain places). We normally take taxis or walk everywhere. This time though we were thinking of renting a car for these reasons...

-We want to have some adventures at beaches that are little farther away.
-We are a very tall family and that can be difficult sometimes in the smaller taxis (My 16yo is 6"1')
-Sometimes the taxis don't have enough seatbelts for all of us.
-And finally, we want to rent a car because of Covid. We want to protect ourselves and everyone down there as much as possible.

I reserved a car through Alamo at the airport.... My questions are...

is it worth it to rent a car using the reasons listed above?

and what is the insurance situation? I know we are required to get liability insurance, but I'm just wondering what other things the agent at the airport will try to add on that I may or may not need?

Thanks to everyone in advance!! And thanks to ZihuaRob for the daily updates!

I can chime in on some of the questions:
It is possible to call radiotaxis and request that they have a bigger car (un taxi grande) with seatbelts (con cinturones de seguridad para cuatro). We do this all the time
We were there for 5 months, and in our experience every cab driver was wearing a mask. Those who didn't, we simply did not get in their car - this only happened once at Playa Linda when we wanted to go back after running there from the Marina.
In our experience, every cab driver we spoke with had the vaccine already. I am thinking if you call radio taxis, you could also request a vaccinated driver (que el chofer esté vacunado)

But/and do what feels comfortable with you and your family.

Have a great trip

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