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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, July 01, 2021, 21:27 (407 days ago)


In case anyone's still wondering about the pandemia in Zihuatanejo, we currently only have 7 active cases registered. Not bad. I still wear a mask when in close proximity to others mostly indoors, but not walking on the beach or an empty section of the street, and not usually around others who have been vaccinated.

There are still quite a few Mexican tourists around, mostly families. Today was a picture perfect postcard day until a brief thunderstorm rolled through, then the sky looked extremely dramatic, though it didn't rain much or for long. Still perfect for sleeping and siesta.

Sorry to hear about the fires and deaths from the heat wave way up in Canada and northern parts of the States.

Happy Canada Day!


The donations have made a major difference in the care and comfort Raulito is receiving. Today was the first day we had a power outage, and it reminded us that we needed an emergency oxygen respirator for Raulito who can't breathe easily for very long without his oxygen mask, currently attached to a machine that needs to be plugged in. I just wish I could remove all his tubes and take him for a walk on the beach, or go work in the garden of our house in Ixtapa that used to be his home (yes, he loved taking care of his yard and garden). He has daily visits from a nurse and a doctor. It looks like we're going to have trouble refilling his pain medication, but at least we have options instead of deciding between food or medicine, which is where we'd be otherwise thanks to this damn pandemia which has hurt almost everyone's income here, except for the politicians.

I'm trying to answer everyone who has donated to Raulito, but I'm getting behind as work piles up.

The construction of the palapa for Casa Arcadia. Personally I think I liked their original palapa better.

Raulito hanging out in January of last year in Lupita's Boutique before it closed due to the pandemia.

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