Recuerdos con PaZIHón

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, July 17, 2021, 21:17 (391 days ago)


The wind yesterday left a lot of sand and debris piled up in the plazas, walkways and streets, but not enough rain to even wet the ground. Disappointing. Still, our darn near perfect weather still allows us to bathe without using any hot water and to enjoy sleeping with the windows open.

Quite a few tourists are in town enjoying the summer holidays. If only we could convince them to wear their facemasks while around others. Guerrero currently has over 2,000 active cases with over 90 of them here in Zihuatanejo. We should be going to Semáforo Amarillo, but there have been no indications from the state government that it plans to do so. They seem more concerned about appearances and tourist money than public health.

I'm still not firing on all cylinders (if I ever was). But I keep trying to move ahead, get my work done, and take care of family chores.

This is from a couple of days ago. All the beach palapas are finished now. A nice free present for a few restaurants from the municipal and state governments. My friend Joe at Café Marina could use a nice palapa but he didn't get one. Neither did my friend Joaquín of La Porteña.

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