ZIHelo Tropical Despejado

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 22:14 (61 days ago)


While storms grumbled in the distance last night, all we got were hot breezes off the all the cement, but at least we don't need to use hot water in the shower, so there's that. Petatlán got quite a bit of rain, and in parts of Michoacán there was some severe flooding. Hopefully the Autopista remained unaffected since they just got it back open.

The Tránsitos are driving around using their PA system to tell mostly tourists to wear facemasks. I just wish they wouldn't do it under our bedroom window during the siesta hour, but hey, at least they're doing something positive.

I haven't heard from any locals who support the Blue Flag proposal for Playa La Madera. Al contrario, each day it seems more and more folks are taking my point of view that the damn Blue Flag is a useless political ploy, and a lot of locals feel discriminated against by its application at La Ropa. That's what I expected would happen sooner or later.

Just when we thought we could return to normalcy, the "Delta" variant strikes, and now teachers are saying they won't return to the classrooms under the current conditions. Since the unionized teachers get paid the same whether they work or not, I suspect they simply don't want to work.

While the number of deaths from Covid-19 isn't rising any more than previously, about one or so a week (we just reached 200 total since the beginning of the pandemia), the number of active cases is alarming, the highest it's ever been, probably thanks to the free testing currently going on at the Clínica de Salud "El Embalse". Today there are currently 216 active cases registered. We've never had numbers like that. Fortunately the vaccination process is continuing for the 30-39añeros. Soon I expect it will be available for everyone over 18, and finally the children, especially if we expect to get them safely back in school.


The poor barrenderos can't hardly keep up with the increased work from all the sand and trash they have to clean up from the much wider walkway as well as the beach. Each morning the usual mess left by the night's drunkards is waiting for them.

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