Fido, Fifi & FYI

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, July 23, 2021, 11:38 (438 days ago) @ catlover

Not only do some tourists not come to Zihua because of the dog on beach rules, but the airlines won't even let dogs on the plane.


But with all those disgruntled dog owners no longer coming to Zihua, you still need to book your favorite hotel and condo 6-12 months in advance because they still all seem to fill up for the high season.

Where there's a will there's a way. If I could get an Afghan Hound here in '74, there's no reason Fido and Fifi can't get here in the 21st century if people really want to come.

The tourists our government is currently attracting mostly arrive by bus, allowing the government to report massive numbers and to fudge details such as how much each tourist spends. It's all about body counts to them because it looks good on paper and most people never question their numbers of delve deeper into details.

The hotels haven't been full for years, especially Zihuatanejo's. Not even during peak season. Not sure where you get your data, or if you're even using any. Ixtapa's clientele don't leave their hotels to purchase anything like they used to, as is plainly obvious by the decay and closures in its various centros comerciales. The local government has allowed this scenario to occur because (a) they are so poorly prepared and have such a shallow grasp of our local tourism industry that they can barely even simulate their duties in tourist promotion, and (b) a less prosperous town is more convenient for them to control and take advantage of and its voting residents are easier to manipulate. While everyone watches the mayor promising more tourism because of the Blue Flag (a blatant lie), he's busy behind the scenes furthering his political and economic ambitions. The Ciclovía and the Remodelación were HUGE gifts from the Gober Precioso. The Ciclovía contract was awarded after he won the first election but before he took office, destroying much of the boulevard's gardens in Ixtapa in the process, showing his hand that he could care less about destroying beauty to lay HIS cement (which those of us paying attention already knew from his previous stint in Obras Públicas in another administration).

We are witnessing Acapulquito in progress thanks to greedy slimebag politicians. Let's see if the new Gobernadora can change the course of this runaway trainwreck.

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