Sunday's in Mexico

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, July 23, 2021, 12:38 (385 days ago) @ Leftcoast

I have been going to Mexico starting in early
80s. One thing I have enjoyed the most
Was going into town on Sunday with all
the Mexican family's dressed up in the
zocalo selling there food and enjoying
The festivities. I will be coming back
To Zihua in January. The last time there
We walked into town by the basketball
Court. I ate the best homemade tamales
Mexican corn and churros. I watched the
Beautiful smiles on these grateful families.
Does this still happen in Zihu? Planned
Two Sundays on my schedule to take part
In the festivities. Please say yes.

Unfortunately with the so-called Remodelación carried out by our current mayor, we no longer have a zócalo, no open plaza with a gazebo where people congregate, and the Sunday merchants are now placed in the street with the traffic, making for a rather sad commentary on how little our local government appreciates our local culture as well as visitors like you and thousands of others seeking what used to be our local culture before it was paved over with cement from the current mayor's own company. So you can still buy the food from the vendors, now located in the street, and you can take it to the waterfront and hopefully find a place to sit and enjoy it, but Zihuatanejo's naturally evolved culture has taken a hard hit from the current avaricious government. I wish I had better news. Currently the webcam for the old zócalo is offline, but all you can see there now are all the scrawny palm trees that were planted to keep the vendors and the people away. All the iconic tall palm trees and shade-giving almendro trees that were along the waterfront were cut down. Not good.


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