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by ZihuaRx @, Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 08:44 (83 days ago) @ frostbite

Yes, I have been trying to help you out by looking at the website...pretty confusing. At one time (last summer before vaccines) Americans were able to drive through to Alaska with only "necessary" stops along the way including hotels. I believe that was stopped last summer after catching some Americans holidaying in the Banff area of Alberta and a group at a northern fishing camp in Saskatchewan. The government has added 5 additional airports to land (none in Saskatchewan of course). Maybe one has to land at YVR first and then is good to go? It's tough to tell as our Most Unethical Prime Minister keeps changing the rules and makes different rules for different provinces (seems to depend on the provinces voting power). My sister just got back from Mexico last week, landing in YVR. She is double vaxed so she didn't have to go to hotel jail (new rule), but still took another covid test at the airport and no one there knew if she was supposed to quarantine until test result, not quarantine at all or do 10 days. I just sent a text to a pilot friend of mine in B.C. (still pretty early there) and I will let you know if he has any info. Make sure you have the ArriveCan app. The nice thing about the ArriveCan app is that it really is just virtue signaling as one can put pretty well anything they want on there. For example the hotel jail one is going to quarantine at even though one just plans on flying straight home and quarantining there. On a positive note, only 7 covid deaths in all of Canada in last 24 hours. Take care.

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