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by Quadra Paul @, Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 19:04 (82 days ago) @ ZihuaRx

Could you give me a list of all the hospitals filling up in Canada? We are talking about Canada aren't we. Here most of the people in the hospital aren't vaccinated. Their choice. Your hyperbole is so out extreme that it makes it hard to respond without laughing. I could respond with something really numbskullish like saying..YOUR ONLY CONCERN IS AMOUNT OF CASES!!!!!????, but that would make me sound like a mean moron. We have next to no restrictions in this province because we have very low covid numbers and a premier with common sense. He also believes in small business and small government. I believe in the vaccines that's why I dont live my life in fear. It's also why I plan on going to Ziua AGAIN in the fall and spending pesos. Have a great day Quad, you seem like a wonderful person.;-)

Not worthy of a response.

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