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by ZihuaRx @, Thursday, July 29, 2021, 07:46 (82 days ago) @ Little Guy

I'm not too sure how it is inconsistent (it is at least confusing). From the website: For travellers who do not qualify as fully vaccinated
Travellers entering Canada must follow the rules set out by the Emergency Orders under the Quarantine Act to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Failure to comply with any requirements or providing false information may result in fines, penalties or imprisonment. If you develop symptoms at any time, isolate yourself from others and contact local public health.
Sooo, I am thinking that only fully vaccinated Americans will be able to travel by land to Canada, but if you travel by air you can not be vaccinated , but would have to quarantine. This is how it has been since day one. I sure could be wrong as it wouldn't be the first time. Hope you have a great day and thanks for a civil response. Sure hoping to start looking at this fricking virus in the rear view mirror. And yes, I really do think that Zihua could use our support by people visiting, being responsible and not always thinking the sky is falling.....if the sky is falling then I'm sure as hell not spending it in my basement scared. La vida es corta.

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