ZIHsmos y Huracanes

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These are the states that currently allow same sex marriage.

Article showing states currently allowing same-sex marriage

This is an article that discusses the decision in 2015 by the court.

Most of the same sex couples that we know who have married here in Zihuatanejo have either traveled to some place like Mexico City or paid an officiant from another state to come and perform their legal marriage (i.e. Michoacan). While Guerrero is obligated to recognize that marriage, they do not allow for a process for same-sex couples to get married here. In mine and Jesus' case this has caused some hurdles that has greatly contributed to the delay of our legal marriage. We were scheduled to be married in May of 2020 and were planning to travel to Michoacan for our legal marriage. The pandemic put a hold on that process for many reasons. First it was because we were trying to follow strict procedures for isolation. As time has wore on we were hampered by financial hardships brought on by the pandemic and restricted hours of operation of offices in other states. It would be nice to have been able to use local government offices to be able to complete our marriage but that is not currently possible as we have been told many times. It is a shame.

Humberto Romero

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