50th birthday

by Wonderful Wino, Thursday, September 09, 2021, 14:03 (11 days ago) @ newwestbc

When are you planning on having the get together? Not many places have live music and food on a weeknight this time of year; especially last minute. Bandidos is fun, good food and a really good floor show....during high season. Went by there last Friday night about 10:30, it was dead. There's a place next door called Rock, the owner has a small band playing Rock and Roll (surprise!), but I don't know about food or if the stage is dark weekday evenings. Restaurante El Mediterraneo next to the Catholic church across the pedestrian walkway from Bandidos on Calle Cinco de Mayo might bring in a band. The Owner, Julian, has the restaurant listed on Rob's web sight under places to eat. Baracruda Bar maybe, across from the basketball court on the left side 20 yards; buy a burger from the "Meat on the Street" cart across the street (best burger in town) and take it there. Tough to find much of what you're looking for this time of year except for strolling minstrels, unless you plan ahead. Perhaps stop in at, or call a few places and ask what they might be able to do? Hope that helps. Have fun!!

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