El Perla Negra

by mexicoman @, Playa Del Carmen, Monday, September 20, 2021, 19:10 (326 days ago) @ Ironwood

Does anyone have information on why goggle says permanently closed? Did Abby move to a different location? We really enjoyed going there to eat.

We liked it too. A few years ago, Travelocity insisted on reporting that Salvador's was permanently closed, when it most definitely was not. We missed Zihua last winter, and are still up in the air for this coming season, but we hope both El Perla Negra and Salvador's have survived over the past 18 months.

Why are you up in the air about this year?

I'd think that the answer would be fairly obvious, but perhaps not. We had been thinking of driving down once again, as we had on 8 or 9 occasions in years past. But the US just announced another extension to the closure of the US/Canada land border....and presumably the US/Mexican land border as well....until at least 21 October. Given the tremendous daily increase in US COVID cases, and watching huge crowds of 50,000+ unmasked bellowing football fans across the US yesterday.....the very definition of super-spreader events.....it's unlikely that the borders will (should?) open anytime soon - assuming the US follows the science and not pressure from the business community.
We're fully vaccinated, but the US and Mexico lag far behind. Masking requirements and vaccine passports are in effect here, but have never been extended to masking outdoors. Wearing masks outdoors, in Zihua's heat and humidity, doesn't sound very enjoyable. And having to depend on Zihua's hospitals, should we become "breakthrough" COVID cases is not very appealing either.
Flying, as unpleasant an experience as it has become over the past few decades, is now even more unpleasant. No-charge COVID tests here, before departure, would only be a minor inconvenience, but not so for the expensive PCR test required in Zihua before boarding for the return trip.
The thought of another cold, snowy winter isn't very appealing either.
That's why we're up in the air. And it appears we're not the only ones: my e-mail gets daily come-ons from Air Canada and WestJet advertising sale prices "if you book within the next two days", etc.
Finally, we're sad to see the desecration of La Cancha and the Paseo del Pescador. What were they thinking?

Don't leave out Monday and Thursday night football. Easily a few hundred thousand fools in total.

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