La Vida SuaveZIHta

by saildawg @, Mississippi Gulf Coast, Thursday, October 07, 2021, 11:47 (14 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I hope you nice folks abroad are looking forward to coming here for your winter vacations. We're really counting on you! And bring a friend or two.

23 days and counting. Can hardly wait, after seeing all of the beautiful pictures and information that you post each day. Although, we've been to Mexico many times, this is our first visit to Zihua.

United Airlines nearly torpedoed our plans by changing the return flight without notifying us. Discovered it when I went online to print the itinerary. We were finally able to work it out with them after 3 hours on the phone, so the trip is still on.

Wife and I will be staying at Pacifica Grand along with her best friend whose husband recently passed away. Unfortunately, its "all inclusive" (which we normally don't do - it was the only exchange that we could get in Zihua). But, we'll still be out and about and exploring as much as possible and spending pesos like drunken sailors (an adjective that applies to me much too often).

Any establishments on La Ropa, Madera or Principal that are "must do" while we are there?

Thanks for all the great information, it's really helped and makes it feel like I've been there many times before even though it will be the first time.

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