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Any establishments on La Ropa, Madera or Principal that are "must do" while we are there?

Adelita's in La Playa Ropa is excellent. La Terracita is on the walkway that takes you to La Playa Madera and it is awesome. Mitos / Entre Zankas is a few blocks away from the Playa Principal in the downtown area and is a real interesting mix. It is actually two restaurants in the same location. The husband is the chef of Mitos; his specialty is fine dining, a.k.a. haute culture. The wife is the chef of Entre Zankas; she makes incredible vegan food. Her hamburger and fries are unbelievable and you won't go wrong ordering anything that is fungus related, mushrooms, setas, or hongo. Carmelita's is closer to Playa La Madera but several blocks from the beach. However, it offers great local food options, platos de Guerrero.

La Gula and El Arrayan, both by Playa La Madera, might be open by the time you get there but they were still closed as of two weeks ago. The chef at El Arrayan cooks almost all the food on a grill right out front.

P.S. I just read that Lety's is reopening on October 8th in their new location. Her coconut shrimp are excellent. A bit too much oil and fat for my restricted diet but very delicious, nevertheless.

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