Permanent Resident visa ...finalizing steps..questions

by Big Apple loves Z @, Thursday, October 07, 2021, 14:51 (19 days ago)

Hi All,
I have received my Permanent Resident visa from the Mex Consulate in the US.
The consulate attached the document/visa to my passport.
I have yet to return to Mexico.
I am still in the US and will be flying back for the first time with this document in a few weeks.

1. What forms do I fill out on the plane and what do I tell the immigration officer at Ixtapa airport?
2. Then I have to go to the NII and change my present visa ( the one the Mex consulate in the US attached to my passport).

Do I have to bring paperwork, photos...anything to the NII in Zihua for this step?

Appreciate any info!

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