Turtle Eggs

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It wasn't that many years ago that turtles were actively harvested and eaten here. You would go into a mercado or even a supermarket in many places and see one on the counter cut up in chunks. Turtle oil was made out of them, all kinds of misc things including hair combs too. They were very very easy to just grab, and it almost wiped them out. In 1990 the laws changed and protections were put in place. The populations here are recovering, but it's still a real challenge. There are still a few of the older population who think that is should be/is OK to collect the eggs to eat and even grab a turtle to eat.

Having always lived with tortoises, it's kind of a lifelong thing for us. Turtles and tortoises of size are usually as smart as an average dog, not something that should be eaten when there are other choices.

The Galapagos tortoises were almost wiped out, and some species were, because the ships going by the islands would just fill their holds with them, and eat them when they needed food.

A link to a very short article: https://www.mexperience.com/travel/outdoors/sea-turtles-in-mexico/

Here's the actual regulation that went into effect in 1990: http://www.seaturtle.org/mtn/archives/mtn50/mtn50p1.shtml

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