Health Questionnaire Entering Mexico

by Paulcbk, Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 08:49 (9 days ago) @ ezspirited

I have been here in Zihua since September 10, will be going back home soon. Returning later this year. At home we do not wear masks out doors, here the majority of people do, that is what is expected, that is what I do. The restaurant's I frequent are all outdoors, servers all wear masks, there are hand sanitizers in all of them.As for vaccination status the majority have been vaccinated, or are waiting for the second hot. One thing I have not seen is people comparing about having wear them nor have I seen demonstrations outside hospitals and street corners by anti vaxers I saw them at home before I left. I live here like I live home, don't bring visitor's inside, wash my hands frequently and respect others space when I am out and about.My take my decision travel is. "I am Responsible for My Own Safety"I am not going count on on someone looking after me.

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