PCR Testing

by Paulcbk, Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 15:19 (8 days ago)

Well I have just found out that it is very hard to get a PCR test here in Zihua within the 72 hour requirement. Canada requires that, the airport does not accept anything else. I was scheduled to fly back home Friday, I went to the airport to do that today, they do not do it. Back to town and I can get it done but will not get the the results for 72 hours. I went and talked to a local doctor and she done some looking around and the best option is fly to Mexico City a day early, get the test at the airport and will have the results within 8 hours.If Zihuatenjo wants to have Canadian tourists they should get that one figured out. Have to cancel one flight, find another, get a room etc. My fault should have checked it out sooner but it is where I am at now.

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