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by Little Guy, Monday, October 18, 2021, 10:48 (48 days ago) @ maggie

My situation is quite different in that I stay at a private house in Troncones, but I arrived from Vancouver Island last week and will be returning to the Island in mid-December.

I have two doses of mRNA. The Island has higher vaccination levels than where I am in Mexico, but I’m not going to work while here and I have less contact with others here. I can walk on the beach for an hour and not come with 20 metres of someone else. I pretty much stay to myself, except for buying groceries.

In past years I have flown on Alaska Airlines or WestJet. Several years ago Alaska changed its schedule and YVR/ZIH now requires overnight in LA both ways. Last year WestJet was too unpredictable, so I flew AeroMexico, YVR-MEX-ZIH. Leave YVR around 23:00 hrs, five hour layover at MEX and at ZIH around 12:30 hrs. I did that again last week.

The return flight leaves ZIH early afternoon and puts me at YVR around 22:00 hours.

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