by Robbob @, Bonney Lake, Washington, Monday, October 18, 2021, 22:10 (48 days ago) @ kathybrown

I would not plan many activities. Simply try to dis-connect and relax...leave your phones in the room!

Google things to do in Ixtapa. Not sure if you are "tour people" or what your interests are, but you can find lots of tours, OR ideas for doing things on your own.

Spend the day at the pool and/or the beach at your hotel. Best on the first full day in Mexico...unwind from your trip.

Spend a day going to Ixtapa Island. There is fair snorkeling. And many restaurants!

Spend a day in Zihua. It is a relatively inexpensive cab ride from Ixtapa. Wander around downtown...walk from the municipal pier along the Paseo del Pescador to Playa La Madera. Go to Playa La Ropa. Take a boat from the municipal pier to Playa Las Gatas. There are restaurants at all of the beaches and many good restaurants around town. Check out the recommendations on this bulletin board...or Yelp it.

Take a cooking class.

Get a massage on the beach. They are generally good and cheap!

Go to a turtle rescue center. You might be able to release newly hatched turtles. There are tours for this get a meal, dig up the little turtles and release them into the ocean.

Go fishing.

Take a sunset cruise.

Have fun!

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