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by qwerty @, Oregon, USA, Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 10:31 (254 days ago) @ Robbob

Thanks qwerty...I was not aware of the cash machine(s) at the airport...good to know. When in a Mexican airport, I usually put my head down and charge to the exit to avoid people trying to sell me another time share! :nono:

I was referring to the Exchange Booths.

We're pretty good at navigating through the time share folks. I haven't been to Zihua since late 2019 but at that time you needed to take a left as you exited customs to get to the ATMs, rather than go straight ahead to get outside or right to the taxi desk.

On our first trip to Zihua, we did fall into the hands of a time share guy. But it actually turned out OK. Our luggage had not made it with us on our flight (long story) and he kept an eye out for it at the airport and delivered it to us when it did arrive. In exchange for a one hour presentation we got free transportation to Playa Linda, free water taxi to Isla Ixtapa, voucher for top of the line seafood tray at one of the restaurants there, and $200 pesos for return to our hotel. We are snorkelers so we thought it was a great deal. We took the combi back to the hotel so we came out ahead peso-wise also.

We've stopped turning in excess foreign currency when leaving because having some local currency when we arrive is quite convenient.

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