Exchange Currency

by Little Guy, Thursday, October 21, 2021, 14:01 (211 days ago) @ cd69

I haven’t looked at the cash exchange rates for Canadian dollars, but I can tell you a couple of recent experiences.

I have an account with Tangerine Bank. I withdraw pesos from that account at the ScotiaBank with no transaction fees.

The ATM told me M$10,000 would cost me about C$672.00. I declined the conversion and withdrew the M$10,000.

I received an email from my withdrawal yesterday.

“$628.09 was withdrawn from your Account using a debit card at ABM - *Scotiabank Zihuatanejo.”

So the exchange rate was M$15.92 = C$1.

I also moved C$10,000 to my Mexican bank account using “Wise”.

After fees, I received M$161,584.28, so an exchange rate of 16.158.

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