Forms at airport and custom lines

by Toby@Zihua @, Friday, November 19, 2021, 17:54 (15 days ago) @ kathybrown

We flew from Montreal to CDMX to Zihua last week-end, just filled in the usual immigration form, but also the online COVID form on our phone to get a QR code.
More information here : CNN

Link to the form to get the QR code :

You can create your account in advance, and fill in the form either a few hours before (8 hours maybe?). The lines we’ve seen in CDMX were people trying to do that on their phone, my wife and I just went by presenting our QR code and that was all….

Just note that I tried filling in the English version of the form, and was not able to enter my birth date - I tried all the format - so I switched to the Spanish version of the form where they just ask for your age (edad) and that was done ????????

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