Flags are the least of La Ropa's problems

by katherine @, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 18:31 (308 days ago) @ Mag B

I may be wrong but I believe that the seating prohibition is not related to the blue flag certification. This rule is related to COVID. The government was trying to avoid big gatherings last winter. I think this rule should be gone now that we are Semaforo Verde.
It doesn’t mean I approve the blue flag rules either. I should be allowed to walk my dog on this beach, especially at early or late hours.

I agree, if it is Covid related, then the rule should certainly be gone by now. And that still doesn't explain why the rules are different for La Perla than for other restaurants. I can't help wondering who is enforcing these rules, and why the restaurant owners aren't up in arms. I agree about the dog walking. We used to walk our dog on La Ropa before 9 a.m., no problem. I wonder if those days are gone forever. And Playa la Madera is a poor substitute for La Ropa. Very small beach area. Even when we lived in the Madera neighborhood, La Ropa was our go-to beach. It was the beach where we fell in love with Zihuatanejo, back in 1996. I wonder if we are seeing the end of an era. Makes me feel very sad.

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