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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 07:53 (5 days ago) @ DPinZihuatanejo

I was fishing offshore today with Captain Vidal in the Burbuja. By about seven in the morning we were fishing along a current line about 10 miles in front of Ixtapa and got a nice 20 pound Dorado. After a couple of more strikes where they didn’t hang onto the bait long enough for me to hook up, we decided to head offshore to a spot where there is a big curve in the thousand fathom line. Between 20 and 25 Miles out we started to see a lot of long lines. By the action of the buoys on several of them we could tell they had fish hooked up on them, so we started trolling in that area. Near one log we got a 30 pound shark and another little one about 5 pounds. At 32 miles in the middle of the curve, we hooked up and ultimately landed a blue marlin about 170 pounds. We had no more strikes after that so at about 415 and still about 30 miles offshore we headed back, and arrived in the Bay about 5:45. When we arrived, we talked with Vidal‘s cousin Omar who fishes in the commercial panga Bris Mar and he said he had fished along that same current line we found in the morning and ended up with two Dorado and two sailfish for the day.

A damn shame to hear about those illegal long lines in what sounds like the shipping lanes, if you were over 20 miles out (what we call la primera y la segunda línea). I ALWAYS cut them whenever I came across them.

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