Why Canadian flag at la Ropa

by Keytime @, Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 15:46 (307 days ago) @ hromero

I have family that are Canadians, many of my best friends are Canadians. Now that you know my social network, I am not Canadian.

Canadians inherently need everyone to know that they are Canadians. Every Canadian has a Maple Leaf on at least one piece of their luggage. A hat, a jersey, a cup, something to indicate to others that they are Canadian, Not American. (secret, I would put a maple leaf on my bag when traveling in the middle east during hostile times)

Americans only flaunt during sporting events of National Teams. Canadians do it, 24/7. I would be proud to be a Canadian if I was one, but I am not. So with that said, I will just be entertained by our cousins to the north that always rest in the shadows of the big monster to their south. We should be grateful to Canadians as they gave us Captain Kirk, Avril Levine, Ryan Reynolds and Basketball. But they also gave us, Justin Bieber. Even with that, I am very glad to have such awesome neighbors, North and especially South. :vivamexico:

Best boarder sharing countries in the world.....Mexico/USA/ Canada


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