Why Canadian flag at la Ropa

by Toby@Zihua @, Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 22:16 (307 days ago) @ Keytime

I have family that are Canadians, many of my best friends are Canadians. Now that you know my social network, I am not Canadian.

Well, I am.

Canadians inherently need everyone to know that they are Canadians. Every Canadian has a Maple Leaf on at least one piece of their luggage. A hat, a jersey, a cup, something to indicate to others that they are Canadian

Stereotypes, stereotypes, stereotypes….. You may go on : All people from US are… All people of « colour » are….All Jews are… etc. What a dangerous way to perceive and describe reality!

Just wondering if the said flag was from USA, would it make such a fuss…..???

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