Proof of “Canadianness”

by Little Guy @, Thursday, November 25, 2021, 10:12 (306 days ago) @ Keytime
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Canadians inherently need everyone to know that they are Canadians. Every Canadian has a Maple Leaf on at least one piece of their luggage. A hat, a jersey, a cup, something to indicate to others that they are Canadian, Not American.

Hmm, my passport says Canadian. My birth certificate says my birth was registered as being in Saskatchewan almost 70 years ago. My wife’s birth certificate says she was born in British Columbia. Yet neither of us owns a Canadian flag. I guess we should buy at least one each to prove to immigration officers that we are Canadians. Maybe that would have helped me one time at LAX.

Many years ago, on my first trip from Mexico to Canada, I presented myself at immigration at LAX without a Canadian passport. I showed my Saskatchewan birth certificate and my BC driver’s licence. I even behaved politely, said, “ex, why, zed” and “eh”.

The immigration officer said, “You look Mexican to me”. Mexico being such an ethnically diverse society, I doubt that they had any idea how offensive that comment was.

(As an aside, my Celtic father and Scandinavian mother thought it was hilarious that someone woukd have thought that I would “look Mexican”.

(secret, I would put a maple leaf on my bag when traveling in the middle east during hostile times)

I guess my plan of buying a Canadian flag wouldn’t work. Savvy people would think I was an American going incognito. :)

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