A NEW Zihuatanejo Free Shore Snorkeling Video

by juanrojo @, Friday, November 26, 2021, 11:51 (305 days ago)

This morning I am happy to announce an underwater Youtube video from Zihuatanejo Bay, Guerrero Mexico. Portions will be familiar to friends who have seen shorter clips from many years including 2019 and the title year of 2020. The video link is already public and since highlighting the diversity of the underwater world and hopefully fostering a shared sense of protecting this fragile eco system is my goal , I encourage you to share the link as you choose. So far the ocean bottom seems cleaner than normal of human debris and the beach is also very nice. The Blue Flag thing is NOT necessary to have a clean beach and never has been and only the will to perform at all levels is needed. Over our 18 month absence there has been an influx of bright orange sponge or some other bottom coating amongst others that may or may not be beneficial environmentally but certainly is colourful

As always I very much appreciate this forum and website for the support in both the environmental goal and in sharing videos.

All video was shot within just one small portion of Zihuatanejo Bay, Guerrero, Mexico along the shore of La Ropa beach and around to Las Gatas beach, self guided at no cost and at many times of day over a winter season. The many feeding frenzy scenes are all natural occurrences sometimes recorded with stationary camera placements in already busy feeding locations.


Please be happy always

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