THAT'S IT NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The intricate fabric of human society and what we are all doing here, and to each other, NEVER ceases to amaze me! The entire world seems to be in so much pain these days. With everyone pointing a finger at everyone else as the cause. Violence, environmental catastrophe, aggression, disease, denial, and out and out ignorance seem to be prevailing throughout our world. I support you in asking them to "mask up." It is definitely the correct thing to do these days! But if there is one thing I have found true in this world, it's that not everyone sees the world as I do. I must accept that, or suffer. All I can do is try to be the best person I can be, share that, and hopefully have a positive impact, as small as it might be, on those around me. Deep Peace and all abiding love to you all, Eric


@Eric Bullard:

In brief, unless one is living isolated in a castle "high on the hill", there's not much choice other than to "take the bitter with the sweet".
As far as the "bitter" goes, some things simply aren't worth fussing over. Turn the page, and move on.

Following is a reply on the topic I found on the Quora Digest Forum--->

Jan Layton - Medical Technologist at First Health Moore Regional Hospital (1988-present) Answered Oct 24, 2017
Take the bitter with the sweet’ means to accept life’s misfortunes as well as its joys.
Accept the bad things as well as the good things that happen in your life.

1. A guy got the great job he always wanted, but his new boss was a jerk.
2. A young woman is getting married to the man she loves, but she’ll have to move away from her family and friends.

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