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by Roberto!, Wednesday, December 01, 2021, 21:19 (214 days ago) @ Timmac

Nobody asked for it.<<<

Same thing happened to us Timmac --- both on the way to Zihua and during our return to Canada. We downloaded and filled out the MEDPREV questionnaire, got the green check mark from the Vuela Seguro application and pre-filled our Immigration Form.

The only form we were asked for upon entry to Mexico was our Immigration Form and on our return trip to Canada we had to produce only the results of our PCR test before boarding our flight to Mexico City.

The goofy ArriveCan requirement along with the PCR test was a total waste of time because nobody at the Vancouver Airport asked us for the ArriveCan Code plus we were "randomly" chosen (along with dozens more) to take another PCR test at no charge (unlike the CAN$375 paid in Zihua) before we could exit the airport.

We received the results the following morning (negative) but have been required to record and list all the places we've been and the names of persons we've been in contact with for 14 days after arrival.

One more day to go.... :woohoo:


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