Small cat carrier to take small kitten back to Canada

by Sunlight Dancer @, Friday, December 03, 2021, 21:35 (43 days ago) @ kittendonna

She’s only about 5 weeks old. A friend is taking her back with him and she can ride in the cabin under the seat I believe with Westjet. They arrive home same day. I’m doing this because I want her to have a good home. Mexicans love dogs but not too many love cats. I would like to keep her myself but pets are not allowed in our condo in Ixtapa. We plan to remain in Ixtapa for at least a year considering the situation in Canada and she would have a good home with us and we would take her back and forth with us. If I could find a fellow cat lover with a big heart I would gladly let them take her and pay all vet bills. Any ideas??55

I know your intentions are pure and I'm glad to hear the little one will be in good care with your friend. There are a number of regulations and forms to complete in order to import an animal into Canada. For example, if the kitten is less than three months old, you will need to provide proof of her age. Please also contact the airline at least 48 hours before the flight to make sure your friend will be allowed to transport her.

Here are the requirements for importing an animal into Canada and the forms you will need to complete prior to entering Canada.


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