Monarch butterfly tour

by Sunlight Dancer @, Sunday, December 05, 2021, 18:50 (168 days ago) @ Casa Juan

Although the final 2021 migration numbers have yet to be published, the monarch population appears to have increased this year. The efforts of thousands of everyday gardeners/farmers who plant milkweed and lay off pesticides have had a positive impact.

There are a number of tri-national (Canada, US, Mexico) organizations that collect sighting data from "citizen scientists". We're on the Eastern Flyway (US and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains) and those are the monarchs that overwinter in Mexico. I report the data from our monarch waystation garden on Journey North https://journeynorth.org/monarch/

If you want to help monarchs, plant milkweed. You can witness the miracle of their entire life cycle from eggs to larvae to chrysalis to adults without leaving your backyard. "If you plant it, they will come"!

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