Road conditions from Nogales to Z

by Ironwood @, Monday, January 10, 2022, 15:45 (221 days ago) @ Mimo&Margo

We will driving down in two week how do things look

Drove from Nogales to Z in mid-November, and back in mid-December, our 6th, (7th? 8th?) trip by car.

The return trip was Zihua/Uruapan/Paracho and #37 up to cuota 15D, then 15D all the way to Nogales. Our overnights on that return trip were Tequila, Mazatlan, Navojoa, Nogales, AZ.

On the southbound trip, we took 15D all the way from Nogales to Tepic, then cut over to Puerto Vallarta, and then Rte. 200 south, all the way along the Jalisco/Colima/Michoacan/Guerrero coast, to Zihua. Our overnights on the southbound trip were Nogales, AZ, San Carlos, Mazatlan, Melaque, Zihua.

Southbound, as happens every time we take that route, we got lost around Lazaro Cardenas and again at Tecoman. Northbound, we got lost on #37, between Paracho and 15D, due to confusing or non-existent road signs, but these are minor inconveniences. I've written previously about road conditions: for the most part, the toll roads are just OK, with the odd stretch actually coming close to justifying the outrageous tolls.....we spent a total of 5671 pesos on tolls, ($284 US, $355 Can).

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