by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego/Rosarito, Monday, January 10, 2022, 21:02 (174 days ago) @ Timole

Timole, using US or Canadian dollars for daily transactions is not the best choice unless you can find a bank or Casa de Cambio (money exchange store) that has a decent rate. That is where you want to exchange your dollars for pesos. This is difficult but not impossible in resort towns such as Zihuatanejo. (The airports are even worse.) As recommended, check out the local Zihua banks for the best exchange rates. We who live along the border with Mexico are lucky because there is very strong competition among the numerous Casas de Cambio and you can get great exchange rates, often better than what the banks will give you. Where do you live?

You can also pay with your credit card/debit card whenever possible as Visa/Mastercard actually give you a decent exchange rate. Just be very careful to ask your bank or credit union if they charge a "foreign transaction fee." This is a garbage fee which is pure profit for the banks. Many banks are now offering credit cards without this garbage fee, most notably CapitalOne. Also, if the merchant asks you if you want to use their exchange service, just so no. Let Visa/Mastercard handle the exchange rate.

Have an AWESOME time in Zihuatanejo!

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