When to test for US

by midalake @, Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 22:59 (172 days ago) @ RalphMalph

So the US rule says you need to test 1 calendar day before travel. We are on a 4:15 Alaska Airlines flight to LA. Does anyone know what “1 calendar day before” means? Does it have to be less than 24 hours before we leave, meaning taken after 4:15 the day before, or does it mean any time the day before?

The testing at our hotel stops at 5 pm and there’s always a line, so that would give us a pretty narrow window for testing. I don’t want to test too early and get turned away at the airport.

Just an example for all the math whiz's here. I took my test at 11am on a Thursday and exited the country at 7:30pm on a Friday. A-OK

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