Arrival at Vancouver BC airport

by maggie, Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 18:09 (6 days ago) @ frostbite

No sorry I wasn’t clear..
When we arrive at yvr all passengers from international countries will receive a Covid Test.
A site has been set up to administer the test. My flight arrives at 11:30 pm . I I heard the wait for the test is hours long.

I had the PCR test this morning. I tried the self test PCR kit last night but after two very stressful and frustrating hours I gave up.
Fortunately I had the foresight to have a back up plan in place..
They came to the hotel early, results will arrive tomorrow evening in my email plus
a hard copy delivered to the hotel Friday morning..
Technicians were pleasant, efficient and the entire experience stress free unlike last night!

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