Arrival at Vancouver BC airport

by Ironwood @, Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 19:26 (4 days ago) @ maggie

I had the PCR test this morning. I tried the self test PCR kit last night but after two very stressful and frustrating hours I gave up.
Fortunately I had the foresight to have a back up plan in place

I'm guessing you had the RT-LAMP test kit from SWITCH HEALTH. I had the same, absolutely frustrating experience......unable to access their system no matter what I did. They wouldn't even answer my pleading e-mails, other than to give me the telephone numbers to call.....both of which were answered by non-humans totally unable to provide any assistance whatsoever.
And even though SWITCH HEALTH apologetically acknowledged, halfway through my exercise in extreme frustration, that their website was "down", they absolutely refused to consider a refund of the $315 I had paid, even though I offered to return the second, unopened test kit. As for reimbursing us for the $305 US we had to pay for a proper PCR test that got us back into Canada.....

Some have used the SWITCH HEALTH test kits without problems. Personally, I wouldn't again waste my money on the chance it might work.

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